About us

CTC servicios ambientales

C.T.C Environmental Services started in 1994 with the idea of managing, in a comprehensive way, the waste classified as urban waste such as paper, cardboard, plastics, scrap metal, wood, wreckage, pruning, mud, organic, hazardous waste, etc., of end users and suppliers. Later we added new logistic services, commercialisation of pallets, special transportation and road haulage with national coverage. To cover this demand, C.T.C has always relied on a highly qualified professional team, advanced technical means and great polyvalence, being able to provide quality and competitive solutions.
Our business activity was developed in Andalucía and during the last years we have expanded to the rest of Spain. C.T.C has more than 50 modern trucks, more than 2.500 equipment, as well as special vehicles for hazardous waste transportation, everything made to meet our growing demand. We have the necessary authorisation for national and international road transport and we are waste managers in 100% of the national territory.

Staff, fleet of vehicles and equipment

Our C.T.C staff is made up of more than 170 professionals specialized in logistics, quality control and environmental management. We pay special attention to our staff to make sure their functions are developed under the security and occupational health regulations. We have a newly-renovated wide fleet, made up of vehicles with different features and dimensions like container ships, tow trucks, scrap grabbers, freight trucks, three axle trucks, non-articulated truck, bin trucks, mobile decks, pickup base trucks, tautliner, etc. To complement this fleet we also have technical assistance vehicles for all of our equipments, and adding to that we have more than 2.500 equipment units for waste management, mainly trash bins, trash compactors and auto compactors with 7 m3 to 33 m3 load capacity.

Trash compactors and auto compactors

We own more than 2.500 uts between auto compactors, compactors and containers  for waste collection.

Container trucks

The majority of vehicles have ADR certification for hazardous cargo transportation.

Renovated vehicles

More than 50 newly renovated vehicles, mainly hook trucks, tow trucks, scrap grabber, freight trucks and container ships.

Our own technical service vehicle

We have our own vehicles technical roadside assistance for all our teams 365 days of year.