destruccion de documentos

Destruction of obsolete documents and products


Buying and selling recoverable materials

compra y venta

Environmental support of our technicians


Generate waste derived fuel

Other environmental services

C.T.C provides special transport service and we trade returned materials. Furthermore, we carry out the destruction of obsolete products and confidential documents in different kinds of formats and supports. Besides we collect farming plastic waste. In addition to that we also devise comprehensive waste solutions in Clean-waste and/or Environmental Eco Parks, in business parks, distribution companies and industries. Below we present you some of our additional services:
materiales recuperados como papel y cartón, plásticos, chatarras férricas y no férricas, maderas, vidrios y otros

  • Comprehensive management in Clean-Waste and/or Eco Parks
  • Pruning collection in residential areas, parks, gardens, etc
  • Selective collection in public streets , shopping centers, industrial parks and ultimately in the private sector
  • Used pallets trade
  • Advise on proper waste management and current legislation
  • Equipment rental (trash bins, compactors, press, etc) for waste collection in its production centre
  • Unusable products destruction
  • Collection services of any kind of waste, for which we are appropriately authorised
  • Generate CDR , refuse derived fuel as a way to recover non-hazardous waste and achieve our goal of zero discharge
  • We have a sorting plant of industrial waste, which processes through automated and manual selection recoverable fragments separate the waste mixture for later sale
  • We support environmental thanks to our technicians, graduates in Environmental Sciences and free charge