Road haulage

It is one of the most important procedures in daily company’s activity and closely linked with the comprehensive waste management. It is transported in specially adapted vehicles for trash bin transportation, with suitable and ideal box designs for different types of waste. In addition, C.T.C has a wide fleet of freight trucks, three axle trucks, bins, mobile decks, pickup base trucks, tautliner, etc. C.T.C has the necessary permits for the provision of transportation services. As for hazardous waste, it is set up in specially authorised vehicles under the ADR regulations (hazardous goods transportation), identified with danger signs for transported waste and we keep the isolation conditions required by law.

The most common road haulages are the next:

• Vehicle with container ship service

• Special tow trucks

• Package and goods in pallets

• Waste classified as urban waste collection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• Farming plastics collection

At this moment we have more than 50 specially adapted modern trucks, more than 2500 industrial containers from 10m3 10 to 33 m3, trash compactors up to 40 m3 and other components of waste management.