Social corporative responsability

In C.T.C we are responsible with our own environmental, social and economic assessment. For this reason we promote recycling and reduce use of resources (energy, water, raw materials, etc.) in our facilities and in our clients and suppliers facilities, so that between all we can reduce the environmental impact of our activity.

Besides, we keep our commitment to our staff and clients based on equal work opportunities, fair contracts, relatively flexible working hours to find the balance between work and home life and promote direct and open dialogue.

We have a new fleet management system called “Fleet Manager” that calculates key parameters to optimize vehicle performance and efficiency and also driver behaviour. This system allows us to establish preventive and correcting measures in vehicles and continuously train drivers, in order that they quickly understand and take in the concepts about efficient driving and the improvement to the entity’s profitability.

In Addition, we fulfill the LISMI Lawis the Lawof Social Integration of the Disabled and we are aware of handicapped people’s rights and Their social and work inclusion.

Listed below are some of our implemented measures to add value to our Social Corporative Responsibility strategy:

Reduction of fuel consumption between 5% to 15%

Reduction in accidents and insurance claims expenses

Save fleet maintenance costs

Increase in drivers and goods security

Encourage efficient and responsable driving, fine reduction

Promotion of efficient and responsible driving, reduction of penalties

Continuous training for drivers

Incorporation of a Workplace Risks Prevention Plan

Reduction of CO2 emissions and other polluters up to a 15%

Application of the regulations and current legislation