A Clean and Sustainable Rocío with C.T.C Environmental Services

May 21, 2024

The Rocío event, is one of the most important events in Andalusia, attracting thousands of pilgrims and visitors each year who seek a unique experience in the village of Rocío. However, this celebration also generates a significant amount of waste that could impact the environment. At C.T.C Servicios Ambientales, we have created an efficient and environmentally friendly solution by incorporating specialized waste management bins in the village of Rocío for the 2024 event.


The Importance of Proper Waste Management

It is essential to highlight the importance of proper waste management at such events. In this regard, C.T.C Servicios Ambientales collaborates with the Almonte City Council to ensure that waste management is carried out optimally and that the generated waste does not harm public health or the environment.


The Incorporation of Specialized Bins

To achieve proper waste management and ensure the sustainability of the event, C.T.C Servicios Ambientales has created a specialized service with bins that allow for the efficient collection and transportation of organic and inorganic waste. Additionally, our waste collection service includes a sorting and treatment process to recover and recycle possible waste, returning reusable materials such as paper, plastic, or glass to the environment. In this way, we achieve greater sustainability by reducing environmental impact and contributing to the sustainable development of the event.


Cuba de C.T.C en el Rocío 2024


Commitment to the Environment

At C.T.C Servicios Ambientales, we are committed to environmental care. Our waste management service reflects this commitment and ensures the sustainability of the Rocío event. By offering personalized and sustainable solutions, we can guarantee effective environmental protection.



The Rocío event can be a sustainable and clean event thanks to the collaboration between the Almonte City Council and C.T.C Servicios Ambientales. We can ensure proper waste management and contribute to environmental protection. With our commitment to protecting the planet and promoting sustainable practices, we make it possible for such an important event as Rocío to be celebrated sustainably.