Cookies policy

 What are Cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when accessing certain websites. These files allow a website to store and retrieve information about a user’s browsing habit sor their device, and can be used to recognize the user.

CTC SERVICIOS AMBIENTALES S.L.’s website uses both first-party and third-party cookies, all within the domain “”.


1. According to theentitymanagingthem:

– a) First-party Cookies: Sent to theuser’s terminal equipmentfrom a deviceordomainmanagedbythepublisher, theserviceprovider.

– b) Third-party Cookies: Sentfrom a deviceordomainthatisnotmanagedbythepublisherbutbyanotherentitythatprocesses data obtainedthrough cookies.


  1. According to theirpurpose:

– a) Technical Cookies: Allownavigation and use of theoptionsorservicesonthe page.

– b) Analytical Cookies: Facilitate tracking and analysis of userbehavior to improvethewebsite.

– c) Customization Cookies: Store informationaboutuserbehavior to offertailoredcontent.

– d) BehavioralAdvertising Cookies: Store informationaboutuserbehavior to displaypersonalizedadvertising.


  1. According to theduration of theiractivation:

– a) Session Cookies: Collect and store data duringthebrowsingsession.

– b) Persistent Cookies: Store data onthe terminal for a perioddefinedbythecookie’scontroller.



Technical Cookies

Type of Cookie: Technical

Expiration: Session

Description: Ensure the proper functioning of the site, allowing navigation and use of services.

Analytical Cookies

 Type of Cookie: Analytical

Expiration: Persistent

Description: Allow tracking and analysis of user behavior to improve the website. Store a user identifier and relevant dates.

Customization Cookies

Type of Cookie: Customization

Expiration: Persistent

Description: Store information to develop a specific profile and offer tailored commercial information.

Third-party Advertising Cookies

Type of Cookie: Advertising

Expiration: Persistent

Description: Served by third parties, they allow the management of advertising campaigns and the development of specific profiles to display personalized advertising.




  1. Whyallow cookies?

Allowing cookies enhancestheexperienceonourwebsite, and somebasicactionsrequiretechnical cookies forproperfunctioning.


  1. Whathappensif I block cookies?

Blocking cookies mayaffecttheproperfunctioning of somefeaturesonthewebsite and restrictwhat can be done onit.


  1. How can I block orallow cookies?

You can manage cookies throughyour browser settings. Checkthespecificinstructionsforyour browser at thefollowing links:  Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari y Opera.



CTC SERVICIOS AMBIENTALES S.L. processes personal data in accordancewithRegulation (EU) 2016/679 and OrganicLaw 3/2018. Informationaboutyour data according to Article 13 of theregulation and LO 3/2018 isavailable [LINK].



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