As a first step, before the installation of equipment in the client’s facilities, we do an adaptation study of the offer and economic study is carried out, taking in to account theme an available to each center and their waste production. In this way, both the most suitable type of container and the collection frequency are established, maintaining optimal service and ensuring the clean lines sof the facilities at all times.

Collection Process
Collection Process

The different materials collected are previously selected at origin and deposited in the appropriate container or compactor, provided by C.T.C.

Transportation Process
Transportation Process

It is carried out in vehicles specially adapted for the transport of containers, with suitable box designs for different types of waste. Having the necessary authorizations to carry out this service. Our vehicles have a GPS service so that they guarantee our clients anon-the-spot location service in addition to tracking it.

Final Management and Traceability
Final Management and Traceability

C.T.C.,guarantees the delivery of the recovered waste to a final manager, thus ful filling the traceability of the waste from its collection toits recovery as a secondary raw material.

Waste Management Process
Waste Management Process

The first step for waste management consist sof a first visit from our technical commercial department where we will get to know the space available to the company that produces this waste.

There, we will collect information on the quantity generated, elements for current collection and we will qualify the type of management that should be applied. Next, and based on the information collected, we information about the management proposal that we consider to be the best.

Depending on the segregation in the waste producing center, we divide it in to:

NON-RECOVERABLE: those waste that, duet o their composition or contamination, are not suitable for reuse, recycling and recovery. In this case, the waste collected by C.T.C. Servicios Ambientales are transferred to the closest authorized disposal center to the waste producing center.

RECOVERABLE: They are those waste suitable for recovery, recycling or energy recovery, and are basically plastics, paper and cardboard, wood, scrap, WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic equipment) and waste in general with a high calorific value. In compliance with the Environmental Quality Management Law, which establishes that no waste can be directly disposedof in a land fill without any segregation, C.T.C. take sall this waste to one o four transfer centers, where it is segregated in to different recoverable types, thus complying with the current regulations

The waste recovered by C.T.C., are the following:


This type of waste is delivered for recycling to the approved company for the recovery of plastic materials RECICLADOS LA RED, S.L., such as:

  • LDPE such as packaging, coils, pipes, etc.
  • HDPE such as expired containers, pipes, plastic boxes, etc.
  • PP as boxes, caps and other capsules, containers for fruit and vegetable products, etc.


    Once recovered, we take it to our facilities where we classify it according to quality, eliminating any improper material it may have contained and, later, we press it for recovery. In its various forms, such as:

    • Cardboard cutouts
    • Packaging carton
    • Plates
    • Layer cardboard
    • Office paper, etc


      We high light in this category the pallets, which we repair and market again. The rest of the wood waste is classified according to type, crushed and in this way raw material is produced for consumers for the manufacture of boards, biomass or energy recovery.


      Once in our facilities, they are classified according to type, pressed and sheared according to qualities for their subsequent recycling process.


      Waste from urban waste is included in this category. They go entirely to our facilities, which, after a process of recovery and separation by size and type of material, is introduced into a fragmented plant for later sale.


      Those that come from urban wastes, are collected and will do a selective and specific collection of the materials. They will be taken to a final manager for decontamination, recycling and recovery.


      Prior  to the placement of the containers for the temporary storage of hazardous waste, the Client will be given the Document of Acceptance of the same, being able to process the Registration as a Small Producer of Hazardous Waste, if necessary.


      The waste stored in the client’s facilities, for a time not long than 6 months, duly identified, will be removed by an operator duly trained for this activity, delivering to the client a Control and Monitoring Document, where identify the producer, the waste, the date of collection, the carrier manager, the vehicle and the driver.


      The waste is packaged in a specific vehicle, authorized by the transport of dangerous goods regulation, identified with the danger signs corresponding to the type of waste transported, and in these aling conditions required by law.


      The waste will be delivered to the facilities of a final manager authorized by the competent environmental body of the corresponding Autonomous Community. Once received by the final destination, the client is informed of the amount of each waste delivered, to maintain the production control required by current legislation.